V A Givens

“The search for an editor for my first novel, Sealed with a Twist, was a long, grueling task that spanned months of research, vetting…and prayer. It was my first book—my first time dipping a toe into the self-publishing pool—and it was crucial that I find the right person to review my book and help get it to the publication finish line. I needed someone who would understand and elevate my voice without trying to change it; someone who valued reader enjoyment over checking off industry rules and squeezing my writing into a predefined, cookie-cutter box; and someone who knew her stuff and was willing to share that knowledge and experience in a way that would polish my story rather than use it to dictate the direction in which the story should go. I found that person in Debra L Hartmann.

Debra truly was a godsend. She gave wonderful advice through every step of the editing process, even providing guidance for things outside of just editing, such as marketing and promotion or how to choose the right Print on Demand company.  She made herself available at any time for general questions, and I knew that any questions or concerns I had throughout the process would be addressed promptly and thoroughly.  Because of the time she put into my project, I walked away with a greater understanding of the full publishing world, and I’m now ready to dive in.

Debra was the right editor at the right time, and I fully recommend her to any writer looking for a professional, supportive editor who will help get you to the next level.”

– V. A. Givens, Author of Sealed with a Twist