Writing is a form of communication.

Editing helps ensure effective communication.

Tips-on-writing-535x400 You’ve spent countless hours and made personal sacrifices to write your manuscript, an incredible accomplishment.  Congratulations on reaching this milestone!

The Pro Book Editor partners with you to prepare your manuscript for publishing or submission to agents/publishers. We make sure the majority of your target audience will understand and enjoy the experience you’ve created for them, just as you meant them to.

Editing is about clarifying your message and making sure what you intended to say is actually what the reader perceives while developing and preserving your creativity and unique voice. The style guide rules are very important, but there must be a balance that allows for and encourages creativity. If every author’s writing followed the rules perfectly every time, then there would be no such thing as unique author voice or writing style.

543710_585553078130353_695067748_nWe can help you clear away unnecessary words that distract from the beauty of your writing style, suggest words to enhance the mood or tone you’re going for, and accuracy check logistics and plot lines so Randy does not magically disappear (unless you meant him to) and Susanne doesn’t start dating Peter only to find Pete knocking at her door instead. Danny shouldn’t be trying to put shoes on while climbing the stairs and Roberta does not have three hands, nor can she see through walls.

Your reader should see a movie in their mind and feel for the characters in your story—we’re here to help you fine tune that imagery rich experience so your story and characters are remembered well after they turn the last page.

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