Editing is more than fixing grammar and spelling.

You should expect more.

Editing not only polishes your manuscript in preparation for publishing but should be a collaboration between you and the editor and ultimately, an invaluable learning experience. You should feel like your editor challenges you to improve your manuscript and your writing skills while forging a lasting professional relationship that will empower you to grow in your craft and need less editing over time.

You are the only person who should make permanent changes to the content of your manuscript. Expect to work with professionals who are well versed in the tool of our trade and willing to help you understand how to use that tool. Track Changes is a feature inside Word’s Review section that empowers you to have the final say in all revisions.

Your editor should always respect your voice, your style, and know how to help you bend—and even break—rules for the enjoyment of your readers.

We provide a free sample edit for all new customers and through this step, you can see how you feel about our work.

How is cost determined?

5073536991_13ff320662_bThere’s no one perfectly correct way to give you an exact pricing chart because there are too many variables.

Here are a few factors that we consider:

  • How complex is the material?
  • How long is the material?
  • Which type of editing does the manuscript need?
  • How skilled is the writer?
  • How many errors are present?
  • What types of errors and what will be required to correct them?
  • How easily do the editor and writer communicate with Track Changes?
  • How does the writer respond to editing suggestions?

Some editors give a flat fee based on word count regardless of what specific editing/proofreading tasks are needed. We don’t. Every piece of work is unique—no two manuscripts need the same editing/proofreading work.

We price your project for only what it actually needs.

What do you suppose the one-price editor does when their clock for your project runs out? When you agree to pay a flat fee, are you paying for editing levels you don’t need and won’t receive?

There is a better way.

contact-usGet your free sample and receive a price for only the work your manuscript needs.

From Development, Substantive/Structural, or Line Editing to perfect the big picture aspects of your manuscript to Copy Editing and Proofreading for correcting paragraph, sentence, word, and keystroke level technical accuracy, our team at The Pro Book Editor promises to make your journey through editing an enriching experience.

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