Rick Spletter

“This is my first book, so it is also my first experience working with an editor.  With that qualifier, I am overjoyed with the experience I had with Debra.  She is AMAZING!  I naively thought that the pre-edited text was maybe 95% great.  Well, as the phrase goes, you only know what you know!  Debra in the kindest and most respectful way made many suggestions that immediately made sense to me.  I adopted all of them except one.  

I may have another book or two in me, and Debra will be my source for everything necessary.  I did not use her for other publishing aspects like book cover design, etc., because I was already enrolled in a self-publishing school that offered many of these services.  Good school, but from now forward I have everything I need with Debra.

She offers a free sample of her editing style, so give it a try.  She has made my book into a masterpiece (a little grandiose, but it is my baby!) and I am forever grateful.  Thanks, Debra!”

–Rick Spletter

Building Self-Esteem:  A Toolkit To Help Children Believe In Themselves