RA Anderson

“Debra has an amazing gift of bringing out the best in authors.  My book Girl Sailing Aboard the Western Star was a challenge. It’s a diary/journal about a twelve-years old girl who was ripped from her life on their California horse ranch and placed on a 53-foot sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean with her family and decided to journal about the whole ordeal. Evolving into an adventure of a life time but told through the eyes of this twelve-year-old using language that is believable while maintaining a grammatical structure expected for any published document. From structural editing to publishing, Debra was what I needed to get this project out and into people’s hands to read. Currently, people young to retired seem to love this book. I owe a lot of credit to Debra for helping make it a good read!

“Lucky was having an author friend who recommended Debra before I published this series! All three books in this series needed something, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I hired Debra and my little puffin series took flight! Even when just newly launched, these books were being purchased in several countries and received dozens of rave reviews. I truly don’t believe they would be what they are today without the guidance of Debra and IAPS’s book design team. Thank you, Debra, for seeing that my books didn’t go off the beaten path!”

-RA Anderson, https://ra-anderson.com/