Michael Limeski

“I am a meticulous person. As a software engineer, I learned to be extremely careful of the consistent use of defined variables and the exact compliance with the language syntax rules. I thought I could easily assure high quality in creative writing. After sending my edited novel to The Pro Book Editor, I realized how much I needed a professional edit. Debra L. Hartmann [and her team] did a tremendous job in finding the detailed mistakes I was blind to, despite my careful revisions. Redundant, incorrect, or lazy word choice is hard to detect. Detailed and consistent compliance with a standard, such as the Chicago Manual of Style was not obvious, especially with my weakness in use of commas, hyphenation, and capitalization. [They] also provided excellent review at a much higher level than line editing, especially in complex issues of tense (mine was a time travel novel, adding to that challenge), and first-person narration, which requires more attention to what the narrator can know. [They] also provided suggestions where the author knows and feels what is happening but the reader may not, due to lack of explanation, emotional writing, or assumptions. [They] provided excellent and timely support through Word file comments and edits right through final proofreading, and then even into excellent book formatting of tricky text insets and other nonstandard formatting. I was assured by the use of a pre-edit sample text before proceeding with the full edit and a detailed contract. I would recommend The Pro Book Editor to every author.”

–Michael Limeski, new sci-fi author