Jon Michael Riley

“I’ve had a really great working experience with Debra L. Hartmann and Indie Author Publishing Services. Debra has guided me through two finished novels, both quite different. [Searching for Cool, Praying for Heat and Photo Shoot] She is super organized which is important for me, a relatively unorganized writer who has too many fingers is too many pies. She is good about keeping me in a focused direction and her advice has always proven to be valuable and necessary. I can’t imagine trying to produce a novel without her knowledgeable help!

Her staff of people who do all sorts of jobs like moving MS Word files into InDesign or creating eBook files from InDesign files are all very good to work with. They all answer questions promptly and are good at steering me away from trouble and making bad decisions. Debra and all her people are a great resource for any working writer.”


Jon Michael Riley, Author and Photographer.

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