Gregory Thomas Garcia

“I have worked with Debra L Hartmann on two books now, one an extremely long sci fi novel of 250,000+ words and the other a compilation of short horror stories. Though both of these projects were drastically different, Debra and her team handled both with expert care and attention to detail and in both cases, I could not have been more proud of the finished products. During the editing process, there is a constant thread of communication between Debra and I, even if it’s just minor status updates, which I really appreciate. First time authors, such as I was when I first contacted Debra, will feel instantly at ease as she is well versed not only in writing and editing but in the various steps to be taken when it comes to design and publishing.

Whether you hire Debra for a developmental edit, a proofread, or anything in between, she is more than capable of handling your project and treats each step of the editing process seriously. She is also honest in her feedback and unafraid to let you know if something isn’t working, doesn’t make sense, or needs to be reworked! If you also choose to hire her for design services, I can testify that you will not be sorry! To say nothing of how ecstatic I was when I saw just the initial plan for the cover of my first book, I hadn’t expected so much time and consideration to be taken over the interior. It really was amazing and since my input had been taken into consideration every step of the way, what I had at the end of the editing and design processes was a book that really felt like my vision fulfilled.

If you’re wondering whether or not to go to Debra with your manuscript or book idea, stop. I really can’t imagine working with anyone else. Lastly, I’d like to say that Debra even takes the time to talk to you over the phone, walk you through things you don’t have any experience with, and carefully explains everything so that you never feel unsure as to what you should be doing or how something works. Above all, it’s that extra mile you get with Debra that puts her services above all the others out there. Whether it’s for a 250,000+ word novel, or a single short story, Debra and her team have all the tools and knowhow to provide you with a professional looking product you can truly be happy with.”

Gregory Thomas Garcia, author of Gaia

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