David R. Yale

“Debra Hartmann just edited my novel, Becoming JiJi. It has been an amazing experience. I thought I handed her a pretty clean manuscript because I’m a perfectionist. She’s a bigger one! She found errors and inconsistencies I hadn’t seen.

One of my biggest challenges was dialogue for Karen, a character who speaks in breathless, rambling run-on sentences. I wrote Karen’s dialogue without any punctuation, but I was concerned it would be hard to read. Debra edited it just slightly. It still has the breathless feeling, but now it’s easy to read.

Throughout my manuscript, Debra’s edits helped my writing shine without taking anything away from my writer’s voice. In the very few cases where we did not agree on an edit, she was willing to help me figure out another alternative that was acceptable to me as well as editorially sound.

Debra is thorough, detail-oriented, patient, and ready to answer any and all questions with well-informed answers based on her years of publishing experience. And she’s generous with that knowledge. She answered questions I had about the publishing process that went far beyond editing. As a result, I will be far more strategic about choosing distributors and setting my selling price.

And the icing on the cake? Debra helped me fine-tune my tagline. It’s so much better than the original! You can see the result below, right under my name. Debra is truly a publishing guru.”


David R. Yale, Author – Find out more at his website: www.DavidRYale.Com

Becoming JiJi, Authentic, Inspiring 1970s Feminist Coming-of-Age Story