David Dellman

“No writer can achieve success without a great editor and a great team. The better the editor, the better the finished product. Finding an editor who will pour her heart and soul into the work that you have poured your heart and soul into is no easy task. When you find such an editor, you have found a treasure worth far more than any rate she might charge.

Debra L. Hartmann has the skills and the experience to do the best possible job, but she has that something extra too. She goes the extra mile, she matches your level of passion, she gives more and does more than expected. She has that rare ability of turning a stone of a manuscript into a diamond.

When I started working with Debra, I was impressed with her professionalism. Once I got to know her, I realized that she brings a passion to the task equal to my own. Her value far exceeds her fee. Then, as the book progressed, she introduced me to her team of editors and designers that put the finishing touches on my book. I am extremely proud of the finished product.

If you want an editor you can trust, look no further than The Pro Book Editor, Debra L. Hartmann, and her team of experts.”

–David Dellman, https://www.amazon.com/David-Dellman