Charles J Wolfe

“After being given the third degree run-around by one of the vanity presses that purported to be in the business of helping new authors succeed, I was fortunate to have come into contact with Debra L Hartmann to help me salvage my struggling writing project. Debra gave me the confidence to dump my old publisher and then proceeded to guide me through absolutely every step of the writing, editing, design, and publishing process.

It’s remarkable how much time she spent with me. With very few exceptions, I always felt as if I was her only customer, and when she was busy, she always carved time out of her schedule to help me get through whatever it was I had on my plate. I was treated as a professional colleague versus being just another five-digit project number to a larger company. She once took a call from me during dinner with her family because she knew I was stressed about something. Dedication plus.

Debra’s professionalism and incredible work ethic drives her to thoroughly answer all of her emails and phone calls same day as received. She helped me find that difficult, delicate balance between telling readers enough about yourself to establish credibility without coming off as braggadocios. Debra and her team at The Pro Book Editor and (editors, proofreaders, and interior and exterior book designers) were absolutely world class and able to actually beat my target publishing date by three days!!

Debra is no pushover—she expects you to haul your load. She’s there to help and guide you and does a great job of keeping you motivated when you feel like you just cannot possibly edit one more page or type one more word. Her deep compassion for fellow authors—as she herself is a published author—shows through in her white-glove, customer-centric business model. By working with alliance partners, she picks the best of the best and saves you the overhead of working with a large corporation. She puts the human element of true caring into the customer experience, genuinely wanting to see her authors succeed, and will go to the ends of the Earth to help you out. Be fair with her, and she’ll reciprocate. Oh, and she’s extremely punctual. She’s ALWAYS on time.

I cannot recommend Debra L Hartmann and her team at The Pro Book Editor and highly enough for a first-time author needing a Managing Editor who cares about the success of their project. By the end of my project, I honestly felt that I had gained one really smart new friend who had spent the last six months teaching me how to become a much better author. The world of publishing is a real jungle for first-timers, but with Debra, you can sit back and enjoy the safari. With her as your guide, you’ll be selling books you’ll both be proud of before you know it!

–Charles J Wolfe,