Bridgette L. Collins 

“I am so grateful I found Debra L. Hartmann while conducting an online search for a professional editor. She proved to be a good fit for me. Before we got started with my project, she scheduled a date/time to have an in-depth telephone conversation with me so she could better understand my book project and the overall message I wanted to convey. Along with way, she provided examples on ‘why’ and ‘how’ content should/could be rewritten. She provided insight on reworking content to enhance the message. She guided me on structure—how to connect and present subject matters to facilitate a more engaging, readable experience. Bottom-line, she inspired me to expand my thoughts and creativity. 

Whenever I had a question about something, she was prompt and thorough in responding to my needs/inquiries. My knowledge about my writing journey increased because she would always take the time to provide a detailed explanation related to ‘why’ and ‘how’.

I know without a doubt Debra’s editing and the guidance she provided me on my manuscript made the difference in my book being a decent book to read to being a better book to read.

My design experience with Debra and IAPS was great. The designer’s creativity with the layout of worksheets throughout the book was incredible.

I highly recommend Debra (and her team affiliated with The Pro Book Editor and IAPS) for editorial and design services.”

–Bridgette L. Collins,