Alan L. Oppenheimer

“The team at IAPS and The Pro Book Editor did an awesome job of editing my manuscript. They made insightful suggestions about organization and logical presentation and corrected my grammatical faux pas. They also identified statements that raised questions without providing answers. I especially appreciated their expertise with footnotes to give credit where credit is due. After the editing was complete, they helped me with the many aspects of publishing the book, including design services and publishing consultation and training support.

Their support in editing and publishing Workplace Secrets Revealed helped publish a book that I am proud of and am receiving many positive comments from those who have read my book.

The IAPS and the Pro Book Editor team also did an awesome job of making substantive editing recommendations as well as creating the cover graphics. My glowing review of this team is made by comparison to another team where visible progress was not being made. After moving to IAPS and the Pro Book Editor, they immediately revamped the title and cover graphics to better represent the contents of the book. In addition, the editors improved the logical presentation and made helpful editorial comments to improve, correct, and polish the content. Good job team!”

–Alan Oppenheimer