What Comes After Editing?

First, take a moment to celebrate the accomplishment. You survived editing!

We hope you learned a lot from the process and feel better prepared to show the public what you’ve created for them. If you worked with one of our editors, you already have a publishing consultant assigned to you and need only to ask for time on their schedule.

Next, how will you publish? There are so many options available to you and so much advice floating around the internet from every possible skill and experience level, whether they should be giving advice or not. And you will need to think like a business owner versus a creative writer for much of the decisions you’ll be faced with. Especially for first time authors, publishing can seem like a huge, mysterious beast, a daunting process that serves as a big wall between you and readers. It’s not. Let us help take the mystery out of publishing for you–you’ll be shocked to learn how easy it actually is.

Click here to schedule a FREE consultation with an unbiased industry expert who can help you quickly see through the pros and cons for all your options. No sales push, no pressure–just information from the voice of experience.

Your publishing consultant can help you choose the publishing path that best fits your goals and budget so you can go on about the business of executing your plan. They can also advise you on aspects of publishing that will help you protect your copyright, your royalties, and your position as the publisher versus giving another platform that privilege.

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