Joseph A. Gillan

“On a scale of 1 to 10, Debra L. Hartmann is a 99!official jpeg front cover image_For Her Sake

 She is a facile, knowledgeable, extraordinarily competent editor AND technical expert. (with me, the technical stuff was especially important) Debra knows books, and the business of books — getting them ready and in print. Debra is a consummate professional. She is  intelligent, patient, reliable and also just a very nice person.

Thanks, Deb, for all you did in helping me with my current novel, For Her Sake (Sine Qua Non). It was a pleasure working with you.

Debra has just one fault: she doesn’t give herself enough credit for all she knows and does; instead she deflects the credit to the writer.

I continue to get GREAT comments about the cover photo (and design) on For Her Sake.  That book would not have happened without you. For that I am immensely appreciative, and grateful.”

– Joseph A. Gillan, Author of Just Before the Dawn and For Her Sake (Sine Qua Non)

(This cover was designed by the author. We provided photography service and file creation for the cover, and completed various other publishing tasks to his specifications.)