Deborah Almaroof

ForbiddenTruthII_Coverphoto“Indie Author Publishing Services has truly been a great help to me. In any line of work, you need a competent team to be successful. As an author and/or entrepreneur that becomes even more important because the success of your projects depend on your team. It is important to have team members that are great at what they do, but also professional and willing to teach you along the way. Debra L Hartmann, managing editor at The Pro Book Editor and lead publishing consultant at IAPS is all of the above and more. She is one of the best editors you could have on your team. After contacting over 30 editors, I chose to work with Debra because she and her entire team were professional and prompt in responding. Working with them ended up being such a positive and seamless experience. She is thorough in her work and if she quotes a time table, she delivers on time. Debra ensures that her authors are well taken care of and well educated on the indie book publishing process along the way. What I appreciate most about Debra is that she truly cares about her client’s success. This was shown through her continuous efforts to educate me on the publishing process. Where others may avoid sharing publishing secrets to ensure you keep coming back to them, Debra is most concerned with authors learning along the way to become as independent as they wish to be while ensuring we are never taken advantage of. For that reason, she has me as a loyal customer. Even with all the help she provides, her services are very affordable.

When I ran into issues with publishing my latest work, I instantly reached out to Debra because of my positive experience with her in the past. I explained the dilemmas I was encountering and she agreed to assist me immediately. In addition, she made sure everything was done expeditiously to ensure I would meet deadlines. She was more than willing to help no matter that it meant cleaning up somebody else’s mistakes.

If you are looking to get your manuscript into the hands of readers, Debra and her team at Indie Author Publishing Services and The Pro Book Editor are your best bet! You can trust her to make your publishing process as stress free as possible. You already did the hard part! Let IAPS handle the rest!”

– Deborah Almaroof, author of

Forbidden Truth II Life After Death